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Posted - 17 Aug 2008 :  11:04:07 Show Profile Reply with Quote

“Say goodbye to blocks, tape, drilling and routing! Finally, a trem locking device that is fully functional AND non-invasive to normal operation of the guitar. The Tremol-No™ is a wonderful invention. A simple twist of two thumbscrews and it's locked; bringing an end to tuning problems normally associated with tremolo systems. Unlock it and release the whammy to perform exactly as intended. It's the best of both worlds and requires only basic tools to install. Simple, effective and genius. Why didn't somebody think of it before? When using the Tremol-No™ on my Ibanez® UV, I also experience increased sustain and reduced spring noise. I couldn't be happier. I want one for all my guitars.” - Bob Oakman (National Voice Talent & Owner of



While its probably not something I'll ever need, I can see where it would be useful to a lot of musicians out there. Although, I have to say it looks like it might not be the easiest to manipulate on a dark stage in the club... What do you think?

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Posted - 18 Aug 2008 :  05:48:09 Show Profile Reply with Quote
Apart from being able to lock the bridge so it doesn't float at all , I don't see how it's any different , or better than a Floyd Rose . And playing around with thumb screws you can't see unless you invert the guitar , doesn't sound like much fun to me .

This is ugly { just my opinion } , but strikes me as a lot more fun , & way more practical , click the video button .

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