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The Invisible Bassist

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Posted - 26 Mar 2007 :  23:35:14 Show Profile Reply with Quote
This year brother Jay will be having his annual birthday...usually he does nothing to celebrate it......but this year all his fellas are planning a huge celebration for him....where he will receive many wonderful

No for real,
I am seeing a major outpouring of the Holy Spirit in my youth group and I will say this, They are rising up to challange a generation of "maintainers", They are not satisfied with the norm, they will take dominion in this earth, fasten your seatbelts ye old wineskins cause the "new wine" is fillin the earth. In Jesus Name.

Take them sandals off boy you're on Holy Ground!

Absent-minded Webmaster

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Posted - 27 Mar 2007 :  05:50:58 Show Profile Reply with Quote
Cool. Its good to hear some encouraging news for a change. How many news articles and such do we see lamenting the poor attitude of 'the coming generation'? Keep up the good work.

There's no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you.
- Will Rogers
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Guitar Weenie

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Posted - 27 Mar 2007 :  15:06:52 Show Profile Reply with Quote
Q; Jay when is your birthday?

A:"July 4th"

Q: What year?

A: Every year!"

"C'mon Dave, Gimme a break!"
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The Invisible Bassist

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Posted - 28 Mar 2007 :  09:37:14 Show Profile Reply with Quote
Well I have to say, That this generation is a hard one, They are on a roller coaster ride, and almost refuse to buckle there seatbelt....I guess that is our job, you know getting them to buckle up. Some more good news is, OUR GOD IS AN AWSOME GOD!

Take them sandals off boy you're on Holy Ground!
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