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Jesus Joshua 24:15 Newsletter - March 2007

The Band:
Bobby Shepherd: Drums
Steve Pettit: Lead Vocals
Jay Woody: Bass
Will Rauser: Guitars

The Crew:
Mark Bussell: Webmaster, Computer Tech
Jim Bishop: Promotion, PR
Tammy Woody: Video Production, Wardrobe
Juli Rauser: Booking
George Sparks: Roadie, Driver, all around good guy, and...."Bouncer" (you really ought to ask The G-Man about that little story...)

Editor's Lead

Hi there! Welcome to the March edition of the Jesus Joshua 24:15 Newsletter. As I normally do, I would like to use the opening of this Newsletter to contribute some personal thoughts, and hopefully, I will give each reader something to think about, even if you don't necessarily agree.

As many of you are aware, Jesus Joshua 24:15 uses one of the finest avenues for band advertising, "MySpace." We have also used "YouTube" and other Internet vehicles for getting our name and product out. The Internet is a wonderful tool, and it has allowed much good to be accomplished, all over the world, for a variety of people and reasons. Unfortunately, this same tool has been exploited for many nefarious reasons, as well.

It is these things that I wish to opine, but first, I must set up some context, so that I can make my upcoming point clear.

Several months ago (probably, early 2006), I was having a discusion with a coworker of mine, who also happens to be a Christian. In our lunchroom/Break Area, there is a television on, piping in some Cable Network News (I won't tell you which network). Anyway, a story came up that caught both of our attentions. Apparently, a man who had won a particular state's lottery, not once, but twice, made the news, when it was discovered that he had his car broken into, and a large sum of cash (around $5000.00) had been stolen. What made the story much more titillating was the fact that the man had been inside a Strip Joint, flaunting his newfound wealth to the females of the establishment. Although, I do not creep around such places of ill-repute (neither does my friend), it was noted in the news report that this gentleman probably should have been much wiser, considering his material gains. It was to this attitude that my friend quipped, "You know, this is what happens when someone comes into a large sum of money. Money makes people do things and go places that they probably wouldn't do otherwise. Money changes people."

At first, I was inclined to agree with my comrade. After all, it does seem as though those with greater material wealth operate with a different set of standards from the rest of us common folk. But as I contemplated the situation for a few moments, I began to view it differently.

I looked over at my colleague, and said, "You know, I really don't think that money changes people. I think this guy probably frequented those kinds of places before he won the lottery. I don't think that his newly acquired wealth made him choose sinful living, he can just now afford a higher level of sinful behavior."

My friend kind of stoically glared at me, but he then came to the same conclusion I did, and reluctantly agreed with me. You see, my point was that gaining or losing wealth doesn't change a person's real character, although it may reveal it.

Now that I have established that line of thinking, I would like to probe a more recent scenario. I am sure that many of you have heard of a certain female contestant on the show "American Idol" whose former boyfriend posted some rather unsavory video up on "YouTube." The young lady in question allowed her then boyfriend take video of her naked and in a very erotic situation. Let me just say from the outset that whoever this guy is, he's a cold and immature fellow to have perpetrated this kind of betrayal against someone he supposedly loved at one time. This guy deserves to be excoriated and ridiculed for an abusive infringement upon someone else's person-hood.

But while I have said that, although I do not wish to torture the victim, I have to ask a simple question: What was this young lady thinking when she allowed herself to be videoed naked and in an unsavory pose? Many young people, particularly female, are allowing themselves to be victimized, filmed, photographed, and digitally streamed onto the internet, with no regard for the future consequences. There seems to be an influx of exhibitionism, and many of the participants of these situations are famous people (Paris Hilton, anyone?).

What does this have anything to do with my above story? Well, allow me to elaborate. After this story broke about our young lady victim, I heard commentary from a few radio talk show hosts. One host in particular, placed part of the blame on the Internet and how no one's private life is really private anymore with the spread of digital media so easily in reach.

And while this host may have a point, I cannot help but wonder where most people's common sense have gone. How can this young lady blame the Internet (although she didn't; I am just illustrating) for her indiscretions? Did the Internet make her take off her clothes?

The truth is, she made a very bad decision, and now she is paying the price for her foolhardiness. While it is troubling to know that her former boyfriend could be so lecherous as to sell away her dignity, because she was becoming famous on "American Idol", and betray her like that, it is also troubling that she would volunteer to be a victim.

And it is here that I connect my two stories. I cannot bring myself to lay the blame for betrayal on the availability of the Internet, just like I cannot blame monetary gain for a man walking into a strip joint. My question is, where is personal responsibility? It seems to me that most of the blame, in both cases, falls squarely on the shoulders of those who got bit.

Doesn't this seem to fall in the same category as a person rattling the cage of a mean dog, and then wondering why you got bit? No, it's the dog's fault, or the owner of the dog. I think the big problem is, nobody wishes to take responsibility for one's own actions.

I realize people make mistakes, as we all do. Certainly I do, too. But you know,there's a difference between a bird flying over your head and dropping feces on you, and you allowing the bird to make a nest in your hair. I am not worried about anyone getting a sex tape of me, or posting a saucy video of me, because there aren't any. I refuse to participate in such lasciviousness.

To bring this to close, I have to wonder a few things: In the case of the Lottery winner, was it the the money that made him go to the strip joint? In the case of our "Idol" contestant/video poser, was it the Internet that stripped her of her clothing? Our talk show host posed the question as to whether or not the tools (the Internet, or even money) created a vacuum in people's character and common sense. I would be willing to say that the tools didn't create the indignant
character, it only made the bad character more visible.

News and Events

  • Well, this event is actually over now, but it is worth mentioning that Jesus Joshua 24:15 opened their "Tougher Than Nails" tour in Clinton, Tennessee, on February 17, 2007. The show was a great success having both "Eden's Way" and last minute fill in, "Millennium Disciple" opening for JJ24:15. Also, a big (and we do mean BIG) shout out to Miya for handling the sound board, and going
    "dial,dial,dial"... "Millennium Disciple" jumped in with both feet, and whacked the audience across the face with his Urban Gospel message. "Eden's Way" came on next and let us all know why they are Rock Solid. Both acts were very gracious and encouraging, and set the pace for Jesus Joshua 24:15 to come on and take the show home. Also, a big Newsletter hug goes out to the "Warehouse" for a welcoming spirit and wonderful hospitality. Jesus Joshua 24:15 looks forward to playing there again...minus the snow (lol).

  • Even though these are posted on the Jesus Joshua 24:15 website, here are some of the dates the band will be playing this year:
    06-23 Indie Fest 07 - TN

    06-28 & 29 Corner Stone Fest - ILL

    07-14 The Light CBAM - OH

    08-25 Grape Vine Fest - NC

    09-15 Seven Thirty Club - MD

    Dates will continue to be added as they are confirmed.

  • Also, the members of Jesus Joshua 24:15 would like to thank two very special individuals who went over and above the call of duty, Mark Bussell, Jr. and George Sparks, for being our extra pairs of hands, our photographers and camera operators, and extra set of wheels. These two guys went with us to Clinton, Tennessee, and really made our set-up and tear-down a much easier task. Kudos, guys!

Guitar Points from Will

Okay guys and gals, last month we looked at power chords, or "5th" chords. Well, power chords do not always have to be in "5th"'s. They can be represented as "3rds", "4ths", and other various interval combinations. These type of power chords have a different flavor than the "5ths" do.

Before we look at some examples, let us review what these intervals are. First, let us examine the scale material, in this case, the "E Major" scale.

Major Scale formula: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 E Major Scale : E F# G# A B C# D# E

Now let's look at the intervals:

Major Scale formula: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 E Major Scale : E F# G# A B C# D# E |--M3--| |---4th--| |----5th----|

The Major 3rd Interval is "E" to "G#".
The Perfect 4th Interval is "E" to "A" .
The Perfect 5th Interval is "E" to "B" .

E5 E5 E5 1E|--------|--------|------------------------------| 2B|--------|--------|--5(E=1)----------------------| 3G|--------|--9(E=1)|--4(B=5)----------------------| 4D|-2(E=1)-|--9(B=5)|--2(E=1)----------------------| 5A|-2(B=5)-|--7(E=1)|------------------------------| 6E|-0(E=1)-|--------|------------------------------|

E(M3) E(M3) E(M3) 1E|---------|----------|--------------| 2B|---------|----------|--------------| 3G|-1(G#=M3)|----------|--------------| 4D|-2(E =1)-|--6(G#=M3)|--------------| 5A|---------|--7(E=1)--|--11(G#=M3)---| 6E|---------|----------|--12(E=1)-----|

E(P4) E(P4) E(P4) 1E|---------|----------|-------------| 2B|---------|----------|-------------| 3G|-2(A=P4)-|----------|-------------| 4D|-2(E=1)--|--7(A=P4)-|-------------| 5A|---------|--7(E=1)--|--12(A=P4)---| 6E|---------|----------|--12(E=1)----|

Now, what is really interesting about the perfect 4th interval is that the Perfect 4th in "E" ("E"+"A") is an "overturned" perfect 5th interval in "A"("A"+"E"). So, you can use one of those chords as either an "A5" power chord, or as an "E sus4th" chord, depending on where you use it.

It doesn't really matter if you understand the specifics, just experiment with the sounds. Your ears are your best guides. I would try to combine different intervals, even if I don't always know the names of them. The names do not matter as much as the sound of the chords when combined. Let's provide a simple example.I like to use a low string pedal tone (Either "E" or "A") to give the chords some momentum. Alter your interval choices as you desire.

(A5) E5 E5 E5 E E4 E5 1E|-----------------|-----------------| 2B|-----------------|-----------------| 3G|-----------------|-----1---2---4---| 4D|-----2---2---2---|-----2---2---2---| 5A|-----2---2---2---|-----------------| 6E|-0-0---0---0---0-|-0-0---0---0---0-| 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &

You do not have to play only on the 1st and 2nd fret positions. Try up higher on the neck. If it doesn't sound good, then don't use it. But, you should try to develop the relationship between your ears and your hands. Who knows? You might write the next riff of the century!

A Final Thought

As I write this, the weather outside is nice and warm. Today was a great day, partially because I had a friend surprise me with a significant financial blessing, in the form of auto repair that I really could not afford at this time. Not only did he acquire the funds, but he also did the labor, and in a very timely manner, and was gracious and humble in his giving. To him I owe a huge debt of gratitude (and you know who you are, Pal!).

Why offer this as a final thought? Well, several of my postings (or "Rantings") have been more on the negative side, and critical. While those thoughts are needed, it is really necessary to offer a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness, as is befitting those who have been rescued from the chains of sin and death. I just wanted to have a grateful heart, and share the obvious blessings God has bestowed to me, even when I neither asked for, nor deserved, them.

You know, it is real easy to heap scorn and sigh in frustration when life gives us ugly turns (and it will). But how easy is it for us to recognize God's abundant blessings, even in the routines of life? For myself (and, I suppose, most of us), we rarely even see the provisions God sends as His gifts to us. Simple things. Or even, things that we do not necessarily associate with the 'spiritual'. Hey, new brakes on my car aren't 'spiritual', but I am going to tell you, right now, they were a gift from the Almighty. And I am going to thank Him for them, anyway.

The Scripture tells us that all good gifts come from God. I believe it!

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Posted - 01 Mar 2007 :  07:39:48 Show Profile Reply with Quote
Awesome newsletter. Really got me thinking about my own action and how easy it is to blame others. It also reminds me to the phrase "the Devil made me do it" I really hate that phrase because there again its placing the blame of something else. I will admit I am guilty of trying to pass the blame to someone else instead of admitting my mistake. When that happens I realize that it only makes the situation harder to deal with but also the guilt coming into play. The world would be a better place if people would take responsibilty for their own actions. Prisons wouldnt be full of people had they not gone along with the crime their relative(s)/buddy(ies) committed. I believe when you are standing before God you wont be able to use the blame on someone else tactic. I pray that people especially Christians and myself included will open their/my eyes to Satans lies and become responsible for the actions we make.

And when all is said and done I can go home :D
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Posted - 01 Mar 2007 :  21:35:55 Show Profile Reply with Quote
While ole Satan doesn't make us do anything, he sure does know what to pass our way to entice us towards the path of sin. It seems lately I find myself being hammered in all the spots I'm weakest.

There's no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you.
- Will Rogers
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Posted - 02 Mar 2007 :  15:26:51 Show Profile Reply with Quote
Sometimes it's quite difficult , but keep your eyes on the eternal Anon , not the temporal .

but some of you need to be awakened and slapped silly - William D Rauser
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Hey Hey Hey, Great newsletter...

Dir Promotions Dept
Soul Joy Records
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