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Jesus Joshua 24:15 Newsletter - July 2006

The Band:
Bobby Shepherd: Drums
Jay Woody: Bass
Steve Petit: Lead Vocals
Will Rauser: Guitars

The Crew:
Mark Bussell: Webmaster, Computer Tech
Jim Bishop: Promotion, PR
Tammy Woody: Video Production, Wardrobe
Juli Rauser: Booking

Welcome to the first official monthly issue of the Jesus Joshua 24:15 newsletter. What we, as a band, would like to accomplish with this is to inform, and become acquainted with, the fans of Jesus Joshua 24:15. It is our goal to inform you on all of the happenings associated with the Band and Ministry that is Jesus Joshua 24:15. We would like to extend our greetings and gratitude to all of you who have signed up for our mailing list.

It is the purpose of this ministry to lift up the Name of Jesus, to worship Jesus, and to honor His Name with a powerful presentation of music and message, and to encourage believers all throughout the world. It is our desire to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world, and to encourage those who already know His salvation. We believe in a ministry of integrity and authority. We desire to play excellently, write powerful, inspired music, and perform on a high level.


One of the goals of this newsletter is, as I wrote above,for you to get to know the band. Part of that is getting to know each band member. Each month, we would like to introduce each member individually.

This month let's introduce Our Drummer extraordinaire, Bobby Shepherd. First let's read about his conversion to Christ.

"The Altar Call"

By Bobby Shepherd

I received Jesus at eighteen years of age. I felt a tug on my spirit man for the first time,and I had been crying out to God. I knew that I was not right with God and I also knew that I didn't want to attend this big party with all my friends, that everyone seemed to be talking about, called hell.

I'd seen and heard enough to know that there were better options available. I answered an altar call one night and was instructed to pray so I dropped to my knees and quickly realized that I don't know how or even what to pray. In about five minutes a gentle whisper in my ear said "Do you feel like God's forgiven you yet?" I replied regretfully " no " and was instructed to keep praying and again found myself at a loss for words. Ten minutes has gone by now and I'm the last one left at the altar and my joy of getting right with God has now turned to fear and uncertainty.

Again in my ear I get, "Do you feel like God has forgiven you son?" I say yes as my only means of ending this event, then the celebration began with praising, dancing, flips, confetti etc. I came to the conclusion within myself that it was simply a just believe issue so I began to read my bible but found it hard to understand. I find myself six years later divorced and still searching for God. I'm not in church anymore and living with my girlfriend and our newborn son. I am now a member of the 700 Club and God begins to get through to me as I watch Pat Robertson pretty regularly. Played in a bar band that ended but I stayed in touch with Lynn Bailey, the lead singer. When we would go on the road I would listen to Stryper as a means to fire me up to play. The first time that I heard their music I knew what I was going to be as a musician. Lynn calls me up after a year or so and tells me that he got saved and remembered how I wanted to do the God music thing. Sounded good but I wasn't in church. He kept inviting me to go but I always found an excuse not to go.

My last excuse was that I didn't have any decent clothes to wear. Lynn told me that God is not concerned with my outward appearance, but since it was an issue with me, he brought me some clothes. "Now what?" Guess I'm going to church,only it was different this time. I was hearing of the power and authority of the believer and being taught about spiritual warfare. I rededicated, and this time I was no sitting duck. That was eighteen short years ago. Lynn and I did start a band called Firstborn. I left that band to start Jesus Joshua 24:15 eleven years ago.

Truly this life is but a vapor!

News and Events

At current press time,Jesus Joshua is still in the studio. Work is progressing at a steady pace for the completion of the new CD,tentatively titled "3:The Hard Way". Most all of the instrumentation has been recorded, and some of the vocals are down.The mixing and mastering stages are still in the wings. However, that should not take too long, and we hope to have a mid to late September release. If anyone is interested in checking it out, there is our first single already released, and placed on


In other news,we would like to offer up a huge congrats to Jay Woody, for his appointment as Youth Pastor at his church, Mt.Carmel Pentecostal Holiness. Not only is Jay a valued member to that church as a Youth Pastor, but his duties also include the Praise and Worship team. (The boy can sing, play guitar, play bass, play drums...what exactly CAN'T you do, Jay?) And Jay is also quite the preacher. If you get to see Jesus Joshua 24:15 in your neck of the woods, you will see this fact firsthand! Again, congratulations on a job well done, Jay!


We have no dates scheduled pending the release of the latest project. However, we will keep everyone informed as to any concerts, events, or appearances that come up for scheduling. Be looking out!

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