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Jesus Joshua 24:15 Newsletter - November 2006

The Band:
Bobby Shepherd: Drums
Steve Pettit: Lead Vocals
Jay Woody: Bass
Will Rauser: Guitars

The Crew:
Mark Bussell: Webmaster, Computer Tech
Jim Bishop: Promotion, PR
Tammy Woody: Video Production, Wardrobe
Juli Rauser: Booking

Editor's Lead

Wow! Is it already November? It seems like just yesterday my children were coming home from the last day of school, and beginning Summer vacation. It was already hot and humid outside, but the free and festive spirit of vacation time was upon us. Then, just as we got busy with summer plans, the season evolved into Fall, and now even fading into Winter. Where is the time going?

Well, we still haven't left the festive season. We just happen to be entering into a new one. This month brings us into the Holiday season, the first on the list being Thanksgiving. It is with that that I would like to ponder some thoughts;

Most of us Americans will spend time with family and friends, eat LOTS of good food, and watch Football, all while we relax off that eating binge we went on at Mom's table! And I am not knocking or criticizing that. But, while I personally enjoy the special events, treats, and blessings of the Holiday season, it is very easy to lose perspective of why we have them. It is unfortunate that the Holidays, and Thanksgiving in particular, has come to mean more about the abundance and blessings, and less about the providers of the abundance and those that sacrificed for the blessings. Perhaps we're not so thankful.

I cannot help but wonder if that is an outward symptom of a deeper issue, not only with the world in general, but also with Christians in particular. Especially with Christians! We, as children of God, co-heirs with Christ, tend toward the gifts and not the Giver, and the provision, and not the Provider. While I strongly believe that God wants to, and delights in, giving His children good and abundant gifts, I cannot help but wonder if we take the gift, and leave the Giver all alone. Now, God is no respecter of men, and surely He needs nothing from us. Yet, if He went through all of the trouble to rescue us from a certain and miserable fate, even to the inclusion of tasting Humility and Death to restore us to Him, and make us His children, don't we think we ought to desire the Giver, and think less about the gift? Do we go to His table, gorge ourselves on His provisions, and walk away stuffed and distracted? Do we leave the "dishes" for Him to do, while we recline to the sofa or recliner?

And while I am on this line of thought, is the gift "eternal life", or is it the Gift of God, His very presence? Some of you may answer quickly, "Well, Duh! Of course it's eternal life!" And surely, eternal life is the gift from God. But I asked is it the gift of God? In other words, is not God Himself the very gift that He gives? We tend to think of salvation as a separate entity from God, like if I gave my son a video game or my daughter a doll. Those would be my gifts to them, but those trinkets are not me. Truly, even those gifts would have no luster if I had no love for my children. Even our children can understand that it is us, the givers of the gifts, that give the gift its value.

I do not wish to argue or debate semantics. I am trying to fill out a line of thought that I have been on for some time now. Perhaps I need to suss it out more clearly before I bring out on the table. But I just wanted to have all of us consider some deeper things as we approach the Thanksgiving season.

We live in a nation that should be ever thankful, but our culture has become increasingly bitter and self-oriented. We live in abundance, yet we become bitter because there's not enough. There are blessings that are ours, but all we ever grab is curses. Christians, that is the attitude of the world. Yet we tend to fall right in line with that attitude, and pretend that we don't live like the world. Hmmm... I think we should worry less about the guy wearing the "AC/DC" T-shirt, and concern ourselves more with complaining less about our jobs. Maybe we should spend less time complaining about how horrible television has gotten, and become a little more concerned with the kind of work ethic we have in our churches. No lost person is ever convinced about the Gospel of Christ by whiners and complainers. Think about it.

On a different note, enjoy some of this month's features, especially the interview with Steve. I think you will find it amusing and thought-provoking, all at the same time.

Getting To Know The Band

Although we have a glowing interview with vocalist Steve Pettit, in this section of "Getting To Know The Band", let's look at a more passionate article from Steve himself. I think it is important to get to know ALL of the band's personalities. In this article, Steve addresses a modern cultural dilemma from an educated perspective. Get ready for the roller-coaster....

It is a tight-rope walk for those who personally acknowledge the possibility of a master designer to, with tax dollars, support a system that whole-heartedly “sells out” to the exclusive indoctrination of a weak and, as yet, unproven theory of origins of life to our children. This is evidence of the crisis, hypocrisy and ignorance in our current educational system. It is no surprise to me that educators would be biased and defensive of their current methods but it is with flawed reasoning that they argue against Intelligent Design Theory.

Let me first say that I know that in the course of the study of Biology (a valid study of the structure and function of organisms) there should be a relatively small amount of attention given to questions of origin of life and species. Hopefully, most of the study appropriately goes beyond that and into the practical areas of understanding structure and function. The apparent and possibly well-intended fear of religion hijacking science in no way justifies denying current curriculum the right (no, the scientific obligation) to include opposing viewpoints regarding two unproven theories. If ID Theory “is not empirically disprovable” then Evolutionary Theory (without physically witnessing it) is equally and oppositely unable to be proved. Either both should be taught together for what they are or neither should be taught at all and Biology should focus solely on structure and function. In reality the current defensive “teach evolution exclusively” posturing (aside from being the sign of a threatened theory and, no doubt, rightly so) shows how closed-minded some really are. To fear open, intellectual debate to the degree that one would block ideas from entering the academic arena of thought is surely a sign of insecurity. To smoke screen the issue and not allow a challenge to the current, largely unsubstantiated scholastic indoctrination is like having a self-proclaimed Heavyweight Boxing Champion who would never face his only challenger. If his superiority is real he has no need to dodge a challenge. Why would we be so afraid that young scientific minds would give a moments thought to the viability of Intelligent Design? Why would we discourage rather than nurture the very same foundational thoughts and mysterious motivating force that inspired the inquisitive mind of an Einstein or a Newton? After all there really are only 2 major schools of thought on this issue: there is either evidence for intelligent, organized design present in this physical plane or there isn’t. I think we really already know what Einstein and Newton also knew regarding the immutable truth inherent in the evidence of design deduced through simple common sense. I also doubt that Einstein or Newton would have objected to Intelligent Design Theory being given an opportunity to stand or fall under scientific scrutiny. At least Einstein and Newton had better sense in their day than many scientists today.

Until schools became federally funded they boldly taught faith. I realize that we cannot reasonably federally fund outright religious teaching but there is room for honorable debate and consideration of divergent theories that would fall far short of proselytizing. Science has made Darwinism the enemy of real scientific truth-seekers by wrongly embracing it exclusively while it yet remains a theory. I do not propose that Intelligent Design be the newly accepted, exclusively held scientific standard or that religious indoctrination should ensue in the classroom, only that a divergent theory be given equal consideration. This is only reasonable when you consider the fact that evolutionary theory is so weak. Using statistical analysis can a reasonable case be made with favorable odds that the spontaneous energy conversion required to perform stable complex protein (DNA) synthesis could occur in either a non-oxygen or oxygen rich environment on its own with no, (protective cell wall) dependent, internal machinery to produce it? We both know the answer to that, I hope. Misrepresentation of ID theory in the classroom state things like “ID Theory subscribes to the idea that drug resistant bacteria evolve from less resistant forms” when in truth the design for self-preservation causes them to adapt by building a tolerance. They do not become entirely different bacteria. Adaptation is simply the augmentation of genetic traits already present in the DNA, not the creation of wholly new traits or magical upward mutation into new organisms. The universally accepted occurrences of natural selection and adaptation as phenomenon in nature are supported within both theories but if a true evolution occurred it would require a deeper change such as moving from one type of cell, organism or creature to a completely new and better type. There is no evidence to support such upward mutation. We do not expose pregnant women to ionizing radiation in the hopes of causing upward mutation into an improved genetic trait. Mutation results in the destruction and subsequent loss of information not the formation of wholly new information. The fact that our own DNA carries the blueprint for how all of the different types of cells in our bodies are to work together in their respective systems like an orchestra to perform “the human” or any other life-form’s unique symphony should be evidence enough of ID. Statistical analysis, when weighing all of the parameters and necessary conditions for life’s advent and thus existence, shows that the odds for us to even be here are (to put it mildly) heavily against us. In addition, there are no direct transitional forms or fossil links between any species of animals nor is there evidence for currently ongoing processes like the ones claimed. By the way, statistical analysis is a scientific method of evaluation.

It is only the truly ignorant who fear knowledge and debate to the degree that they won’t even hear an opposing view on it’s merits. Since we all allegedly have brains then maybe we should at least get the chance to hear the arguments for both sides of something before actually using said implied brain to make up our minds for ourselves about which argument actually holds more merit. I think that there are many who resist Intelligent Design Theory because they are happily more comfortable in their present denial of the reality of God's existence (outside of a wink and a nod) for fear of their own culpability for their sin. I find quite comical the obvious hypocrisy inherent in the belief, by some, in a Designer while supporting the exclusive "Random Mutative Accident" Theory currently being indoctrinated to our children at our supposed “institutions of higher learning”.


An Audience With Jesus Joshua 24:15

To try and shake things up from time to time, I would like to add some newer features to this growing Newsletter. One of the ideas floated was a "Question of the Month" type of deal, where the audience gets to send in their questions, and the band picks one or two(or TEN, depending on how frisky we're feeling), and one or more band members will answer the question. Anyway, this month, we're going to try something a little different. So here goes nothing! This month's question is from Mike in Michigan. Mike asks,

"When on stage have you ever been playing and all of a sudden forget where you are at, and then forget what you are doing?"


Answer .... Never. I am one who is very in touch with where I am especially in a concert. Adrenaline is a major factor and a bands biggest foe. Learn how to manage the adrenaline rush/wave, and you are very much be in control of what goes on in each performance. Rehearsal or training is key. You will be what you practice. Practice hard and you will be on. Be slack and you surely will reap as you have sown!


Well, I wish I could be as definitive as Bob, but unfortunately, yes, I have gone into that nether realm of consciousness, known as being lost()! Usually, it isn't adrenaline that hinders me (although it has at times), it is my brain moving faster than my hands! Sometimes you're thinking ahead way too many steps, and your body just hasn't caught up with where you are at. Or it could be that certain songs have similar chord progressions and /or keys, and they tend to blend together!()

Sometimes, and this is probably the biggest reason, I cannot hear myself well. I make no excuses, because this is the arena in which I choose to play in, but there are times when there are situations beyond your control that contribute to losing your place. This is where the training that Bobby was referring to above takes over. It is true that you really are what you practice to be. Many times I have played on stage thinking it was horrible, because my sound was not right or I couldn't hear well, but I played through it anyway. Then I would go back to watch the video of the performance, and hear what the audience heard, and realize it wasn't as bad as I thought. That is where training pays off, because if you know your parts well, then you can play them with confidence even when the stage mix isn't optimal.

I rarely get lost in a song, but when I do, the only ones that really notice are my bandmates and myself. And half the time they don't notice, either, and I am not sure if I should be grateful or insulted! () Rarely does the audience know when I'm lost, and part of the reason why is because I can make my screw-ups sound like I meant them to be there! I'll just call, improvisation...


An Interview With Steve, Pt II

Here, at last, is the second half of a very interesting Q&A with vocalist Steve Pettit. As you can see, Steve has a knack for the comedic. Yet, he also has a passion for the truth, and that alone makes this section an interesting read. Okay, here goes Part 2:

11. What is your feeling about the current state of music, Christian or secular?

Definitely Christian…. Well… then again…. No… I mean… secular… yeah… that’s it … secular… very secular… no wait… Christian… umm… both? … But sometimes it can be kind of hard to tell the two apart… and yet not.

Q: Isn’t music just music?

A: It is until you add in the heart of the writer, performer and listener as well as the words (Both their intent and their interpretation by the listener). Much like infrared and ultraviolet are on opposite ends of the electromagnetic spectrum, Christian and Secular genres seem at opposite ends of the music spectrum. In broad terms this is true, hence: “MusicoPolarization” is the word of the day. Actually the ones on the ends of the spectrum are pretty easy to see. It’s the middle that can get murky. So maybe the real word of the day should be discernment.

Once upon a time in fairly recent music history appeared a horribly rebellious lot called the Beatles. In its day the song “I wannna hold your hand” by said long-haired Beatles was considered lurid and promiscuous by some. For its day and depending on the heart of the listener maybe it was, but compared to (alleged) songs by the “social criminals” of today like Slipknot or Ludacris it looks completely innocent. So over time the outer fringes of the spectrum and what is apparently socially acceptable have changed just a bit. Some would say the Beatles helped usher in those changes.

And in this corner… Jesus Joshua has always been pretty much “in your face” gospel, right down to our name. There are also covert Christian bands that effectively use subtlety to try to prick the curiosity of the listener (Secular and/or Christian). You see similar subtle lyrical techniques on the secular side of music and then there’s the aforementioned “in your face” anti-Christ stuff. Of course the covert, subliminal or candy-coated message can be just as, and even more potent than the obvious one, as our enemy also knows. Real music to a true musician is not just about making money or promoting some other agenda (religious or not), it is a form of expression that comes from the heart and emotions. The Bible has much to say about the heart as well as its proximity to what we truly value. Most meaningful music is borne out of the heartfelt experiences of the writer. For that very reason praise is definitely and always will be the highest form of music. The heart in some of the newest praise stuff and oldest (Hymns) out there is incredible. Yet music is spiritual, spiritually discerned and motivated on both sides of the spectrum by spiritual forces good and evil. Though we use the terms “Christian” and “Secular” the truth is that there likely are some corrupt hearts among the “Christian” musician community as well as some pure hearts or at least “truth-seekers” among the “Secular” musician communities. God sees and knows the heart. On its own the heart of man is corrupt. If our heart reflects His heart about any subject, our love for someone, our desire to know Him or our experiences in Him then I think we are on safe ground (lyrically speaking). There is increasingly amazing talent out there in both arenas. There is also Attitude… it can be dangerous in either of the stated genres. I don’t like the prideful attitudes that are projected by some musicians both “Christian” and secular. There is a fine line between confidence and pride. However, confidence in oneself and ones abilities alone (works) can be defined as pride too. Still, we can be confident in our abilities (or gifts) while maintaining perspective on the origin and ultimate purpose of all things. I think that musicians are generally learning and growing as a whole.

Music covers such a vast expanse of styles, people, motivations etc. that we must pray for discernment. Many in the music community both performers and listeners alike are searching and we must be able to point the way for them. In the final analysis it would seem that it comes down to each musician/listener asking him/herself these questions: Why do I write/listen to music? Am I/they solely seeking profit or recognition for myself/themselves? Do I/they have something worth saying/hearing? As a listener am I paying attention to the things I am repeatedly exposing my mind/thoughts to? As a musician what is the most valuable thing that I could share with others that could help them? To my Christian musician friends: Are you a musician who happens to be a Christian or a Christian who happens to be a musician? Is there a difference? Back to that age-old question: Which came first? The musician or the chicken? … I mean… The Christian or the egg? No! No! The musician or the Christian? That last question demonstrates the more common initial chronology. Many Christian musicians started out simply as musicians who later found The Lord. Now as a Christian which belongs first?

Secular? Christian? Whatever! These are only labels and occasionally things can get mislabeled. I think our name best sums it up.

Jesus- (The answer to the question in) Joshua 24:15- (paraphrased) Who ya gonna serve?

12. What has been the most rewarding experience playing with Jesus Joshua 24:15?

I would have to say that this is a trick question. Of course every question “is” a trick question, just ask our former President.

Seriously, there have been too many experiences to number. Mainly, I am thankful for just being given the opportunity to work with this group of guys/servants who are first and foremost obviously committed to, and unashamed of, Our Lord’s name and the specific mission that He has given to us.

13. Do you believe that you have learned any deep spiritual lessons being with Jesus Joshua?

Ahhh… alas, another trick question

Yes and No...

What were they?

Long John Silver’s is of the Devil. (A deep lesson in the “fried” sense of the word)

Just kidding,... Well, sort of...

Let’s just say it started out that in an Esau-like gastric trance, induced of our own lust for food we were drawn away (like oxen to the slaughter) into temptation… partook of the gluttonous orgy of deep fried aquatic morsels… and then spent an evening trapped in close proximity to each other. Five fine flatulent friends. One manager included.

I have learned (and am still learning) too many real lessons to count. Yet if we get too “deep”---it starts to get “real deep”.

I try to live by the acronym K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Steve), which isn’t all that hard for me. I think these lessons just seem deep ‘cuz I’m such a simpleton, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t then you just might be a redneck… or maybe even more of a simpleton than I. Not that I might not have learned spiritual lessons otherwise because The Holy Spirit is our real teacher but many of mine came as a direct result of interacting with each of my band-mates and from having the benefit of the combined insights/revelations of all.

14. You came into the band for their second recording. How do you view the band's progress?


Actually that’s kind of a hard question to answer. The band’s progress is measurable yet inevitably linked to each individual’s progress (both musical and personal) and then collectively. In the individual regard I can’t really speak for anyone else in the band but there are several areas that “progress” can encompass. For example I would consider it to be a huge step forward for Jay to now be the Youth Pastor at Mount Carmel Pentecostal Holiness Church.

Musically, I respect all of my band-mates and their excessive talents/contributions to this project. There have been shifts in style from “The Time of My Return” to “Once and for All” and again now into the current project “Three the Hard Way ”. Let me first establish that I came into this situation voluntarily. My level of contribution has been somewhat limited (outside of trying to be available to do what is asked of me) and due to various limiting circumstances in my personal life this arrangement has probably been for the best. This band situation is very different than what most musicians experience and for that matter possibly more humbling than some would even tolerate for any extended period of time. Just as “in my weakness He is strong” so “in my constraint I am free”. As far as our progress in carrying the message out, ultimately only God controls those things. It is our job to do the best that we can to be prepared for whatever He has for us to do and to be sensitive to His leading.

15. What is your favorite Scripture verse?

Trick questions abound. That isn’t as simple as it sounds. It would be the one “in the moment” or the one being breathed upon at a particular point in time in a given situation (The Living Word). Although there is one verse that particularly encourages me Philippians 1:6. (Ha! Ha! I guess you’ll have to look it up yourself.)

16. Do you have a favorite Jesus Joshua song to play live? Anything instrumental?

Which one is it? Anything instrumental.

17. What is your personal view on the current state of world
affairs, with regard to your faith in Christ?

Hey, I think we’ve finally gotten it all together on our own”… NOT!!!

Okay how about--- “Look out! Here He comes!

“Predictable” probably sums it up. Not many things strengthen my faith more than the fulfillment of scriptural prophecies in my ears and in my eyes via current world events. Although it does trouble me that things are able to deteriorate to such a degree while The Church remains on the Earth. I must also keep in perspective that the negative things always seem to take the spotlight but there are many “unseen” things happening as well. For example, how many times do your mistakes at work get noticed more than your well accomplished tasks? By this example how many more victories must there be that we won’t see until we see all things clearly. We must walk by faith not by our presently limited sight. So be encouraged and of good cheer for The Lord is seated on The Throne at the right hand of The Father and we will prevail in Him.

18. How do you view Jesus Joshua as a musical force, or influence, in the current culture?

Not yet as a highly visible “well known” force, unless God starts promoting us. But I am confident that we have and will continue to do much damage to darkness whether well known and in the public eye or behind the scenes.

19. In your opinion, what has been the most damaging influence, event, or person on the American culture?

“Selfishness” or “Greed” in three manifestations;


... “I don’t really care, That’s their business, I don’t want to get involved or even think about it!”, Otherwise known as apathy or lack of influence, particularly by the “real” Church. “Real” meaning: “those with a (follower) relationship to The Lord.


Specific to America: “Scopes Monkey Trial”, which helped pave the way for “Brown vs. Board of Education” and “Roe vs. Wade”.

General: (The Fall)


Directly: (Adam) then Me! Me! Me! (Say I!) collectively. When under the influence of:

Indirectly: (Satan)

More specifically: “The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life.

That pretty much says it all.

20. If there was one person on Earth that you could meet, who would it be, and why?

Hmmm… ever? Or now?


Guitar Points from Will

Last month, I gave a limited explanation of intervals, using a numerical system to identify the interval names. The last column provided the theoretical application, but this month, I would like to follow a little more practical application. Let's look at how those mystical numbers are turned into practical musical technique. This may take a few columns, but I always like to be thorough.

As I said last month, intervals are basically the distance between one note from another. I gave an example, thus;
Gb Ab Bb Db Eb E F E F# E G E G# E A E A# E B E C E C# E D E D# E E 1E|-0-1--0-2--0-3--0-4--0-5--0-6--0-7--0-8--0-9--0-10--0-11--0-12-| 2B|---------------------------------------------------------------| 3G|---------------------------------------------------------------| 4D|---------------------------------------------------------------| 5A|---------------------------------------------------------------| 6E|---------------------------------------------------------------|

Now, let's break this down even further and simpler. We shall use the chart from last month, regarding intervals. Let's start with minor seconds (m2, b2). A m2 is an interval of a half-step, or a one fret distance. Ex.2 shows it like this;

| E F B C G Ab D Eb A Bb E F F#G A#B D#E G#A C Db F Gb | 1E|-0-1----------------------------------------------------1-2----| 2B|------0-1------------------------------------------1-2---------| 3G|-----------0-1--------------------------------1-2--------------| 4D|----------------0-1----------------------1-2-------------------| 5A|---------------------0-1------------1-2------------------------| 6E|--------------------------0-1--1-2-----------------------------|

Before we move on, a couple of things need some clarification. The first is, it is plainly obvious that each one of those notes are one fret apart. Therefore, a minor second is a half-step, or one fret apart. If, for example, you start with the "E" on the high "E" string ("0" on string one) and go up one fret, to the "F" ("1" on string one), you have just moved to the minor second (m2).

The second thing to clarify is the note names. Notice that some names of notes are different, even though they are actually the same note. For example, if you look at the m2 interval G-Ab ("0" to "1" on the third string), and compare it to the m2 interval G#-A ("1" to "2" on the third string), you will find that the notes G# and Ab are the exact same note. Why is this? Part of the reason why is proper reference. It gets very confusing to write G then G# right next to each other. Sometimes you have to, but it is a little easier on the eyes to see G to Ab, or G# to A, than it is to see G to G#, or Ab to A. Another part of the reason is that, depending on the key and scale, certain notes need to be written out as its enharmonic equivalent. The enharmonic equivalent is simply the same note with the different name, i.e. G# and Ab are the exact same note, but has two different names. As we dive more into scales, you will see this concept in action.

Based on Ex.2, on minor seconds (m2), lets now look at Major seconds (M2, 2). M2s are whole steps or two frets apart. Let's examine M2s;

| E F# B C# G A D E A B E F# F G Bb C Eb F AbBb C D F G | 1E|-0-2----------------------------------------------------1-3----| 2B|------0-2------------------------------------------1-3---------| 3G|-----------0-2--------------------------------1-3--------------| 4D|----------------0-2----------------------1-3-------------------| 5A|---------------------0-2------------1-3------------------------| 6E|--------------------------0-2--1-3-----------------------------|

At this point, let's review. A minor second (m2) is one fret distance, or a half-step. A Major second (M2) is a two fret distance, or a whole step. Now, just because we have exampled notes that fall on the same string consecutively, does not mean that we cannot find examples of these intervals on separate strings. But right now, for the sake of simplicity, we are looking to single string examples. Now, let's reference these two intervals (m2 and M2, b2 and 2) to a single starting point, or root (R).

| b2 | 2 | | 1E|-0-1--0-2------------------------------------------------------| 2B|---------------------------------------------------------------| 3G|---------------------------------------------------------------| 4D|---------------------------------------------------------------| 5A|---------------------------------------------------------------| 6E|---------------------------------------------------------------| | E F | E F#| |

If "E" is the Root, then "F" becomes the b2, and "F#" becomes the 2.Now let's move to the minor third (b3). The "b3" is a whole step plus a half step, or three frets above the Root. Let's examine Ex.5;

| b3 | | 1E|-0-3-----------------------------------------------------------| 2B|---------------------------------------------------------------| 3G|---------------------------------------------------------------| 4D|---------------------------------------------------------------| 5A|---------------------------------------------------------------| 6E|---------------------------------------------------------------| | E G | |

Now, again, I want to stress that these intervals do not always have to fall on the same string. They can fall on separate strings. Let's take our "E to G" (b3) example. Let me show how this interval can appear on different strings.

|-b3-||-b3-||-b3-||-b3-||-b3-||-b3-||-b3-||-b3-||-b3-||-b3-| | 1E|-0-3-----3-----------------------------------------------------| 2B|-------5----5-8------8-----------------------------------------| 3G|-------------------9----9-12-----12---------------------0------| 4D|------------------------------14----14-17---------5---2--------| 5A|------------------------------------------------7--------------| 6E|-------------------------------------------0-3-----------------| |E G || E G||E G| |E G|| E G | E G | E G |E G |E G | E G | |

As you can see, even the exact same intervals can have several different positions. This means that it is possible to play an interval, either as a single string exercise, where you play the interval consecutively, or as a chord, where you play the intervals at the same time. Let's examine this concept;

|-b3-||-b3-||-b3-||-b3-||-b3-||-b3-||-b3-||-b3-||-b3-||-b3-| | 1E|--------------------------------3-----------------------15-----| 2B|--------------------------8-----5-----------------20----17-----| 3G|--------------0----12-----9-----------------------21-----------| 4D|--------5-----2----14-----------------------17-----------------| 5A|--10----7-----------------------------22----19-----------------| 6E|--12----------------------------------24-----------------------| | G G G G G G G G G G | | E E E E E E E E E E |

When intervals are played in a consecutive (one after another) manner, it is called melody. When intervals are played in a simultaneous manner (at the same time), it is called harmony. This is the basis for chord structures. Most rock and metal players use simple two string harmonies as a basis for their rhythm playing. But rock and metal players also use these concepts for their lead playing. Play these examples through, just to get the feel for them. Remember, though, that "E" to "G" isn't the only "b3" movement.There are others, but I just picked that one for ease of explanation. We will be examining further the rest of the interval concepts in future columns.Until then, play hard.


News and Events

  • Hopefully, this month will bring the arrival of Jesus Joshua 24:15's latest CD opus, "3 The Hard Way". We apologize for the delays, but there have been some issues with final production that, if left untended to, would not pass our standards of quality. We hope that you all will be patient. It will be worth the wait!

  • Jesus Joshua is also beginning to fill the 2007 calendar with performance dates. Some of those dates are on the calendar, but will be announced as we get closer to those dates, as there are logistical and scheduling details to work out. The dates will be posted in plenty of time for the public.

  • Check out the "Number One Music" website( Jesus Joshua has released one song, entitled "You'll See", and it has put us in the #1 slot for a solid two weeks! Go there and get a taste of the new material!

  • Our dear bass player extraordinaire, Jay Woody, preached a fiery sermon on Wednesday, October 25th, at his church, Mt.Carmel Pentecostal Holiness Church. Jay reports that the Spirit of God really moved in a special way, and hearts were challenged and changed! Always a good report!

  • Also, for those Americans who are old enough to vote: Remember that there is a major Congressional election on November 8th. Please remember that many gave their blood and treasure to provide this precious right and duty. Vote for the candidate of your choice in this election cycle. Don't be complacent!


A Final Thought

Final Thoughts for November

I was reading the devotional book, "My Utmost For His Highest," by the late Oswald Chambers, and I came to a stunning descriptive in the October 4th devotional. In it, Chambers speaks about vision, and how it is brought into reality. Here is an excerpt from that piece:

Thank God for being able to see all that you have not yet been. You have had the vision, but you are not yet to the reality of it by any means. It is when we are in the valley, where we prove whether we will be the choice ones, that most of us turn back. We are not quite prepared for the bumps and bruises that must come if we are going to be turned into the shape of the vision. We have seen what we are not, and what God wants us to be, but are we willing to be battered into the shape of the vision to be used by God?

There is so much, just in this paragraph, that I could spend the entire newsletter on. But I only want to touch on a small portion, specifically with regard to vision. When Bobby called me up for the first time, desiring to start what has now become this band, Jesus Joshua 24:15, he began to lay out the vision that God had given him. As I listened intently on all the details and goals, I could picture in my mind and spirit, those very things that Bob was eagerly placing in front of me. I was getting very excited, because I really had been looking for this exact situation. I could see it in my heart, because God had shown me these very things long before I met Bob.

Then, Bobby asked me some simple questions: "Do you want to be a part of this vision? Is God showing you these things? Are you willing to be molded to this vision?"

I want to note that Bob made it very plain to me that this was not his own doing. He was already in a band at the time. But he heard the call of God to come out and do something different. He even indicated to me, at the time we were just jamming together, that he wasn't absolutely sure God was calling him out yet. Bob desired to wait upon God's timing to indicate to him before he made one move. I remember telling Bob, over the phone, that when he got his confirmation from God, I was ready to quit the band that I was still in, and go on with him. I was ready to call my bandmates at that time, and tell them I was moving on. Bob said to me, "You feel that strongly about this?" I replied that I was, and he said, "Okay, let's move!"

Now bear in mind, we had no bass player nor vocalist at the time. It was just Bob and myself. We spent the next couple of months writing songs, praying, and just socializing. Bobby would show me the next riff that he had written, or describe to me the light show vision God had given him. Or we would discuss what we had heard from the pulpit the previous Sunday's worship service. And each time, more and more of the vision became a reality. It seemed that with each meeting, the vision would become ever clearer and more real. Things began to come together, as we gained our fellow workers in the Lord.

What does this have to do with the above passage from Chambers? Well, as I read the part about being "turned into the shape of the vision", it occurred to me that this is what Bob had been preaching to me, and my fellow bandmates, ever since this band started. It is my personal opinion that way too many Christians, musicians or otherwise, have forgotten that the vision shapes, molds, and changes us, not the other way around. That changing and molding is God's vision for us, not our vision for God. As a result, we become very discouraged when things do not flow like we had envisioned them to be. Sometimes being molded into the vision isn't always pleasant. Sometimes it requires us to sacrifice and/or cast aside those things which we think are vital to the vision, but God says are hindrances to it. Sometimes we must experience certain hardships, or obstacles to our progress, or even opposition, even from our beloved. But most of all, I believe that it is our own flesh that creates the biggest hindrances to being shaped into God's vision. We can be obstinate, rebellious, or downright lazy (which I think is the largest problem).

Bobby used to illustrate this point to me, by speaking about how folks in the Church often react to God's vision. If you've ever spent any time within the Church body, regardless of denomination or doctrinal position, you have seen this. Somebody will get a revelation from God, and they get all excited about it. So excited, in fact, that they start hopping the seats of the church, raising their hands in praise, and telling everyone within earshot of how God is going to use them to bring about some new thing (some new program, new ministry idea, new way to witness, or whatever). Then, after all of the excitement has worn off, and nobody else is as excited as they are, they begin to get discouraged, because nobody else caught that vision. And Bobby always says the same thing: "What has your vision got to do with everybody else? If God gave you a vision for something, then He has commissioned you[/i] to see it through."

I know right now, that if I were to leave Jesus Joshua 24:15, the band would move on. If all of us, even Bobby, were to give up and move out, Jesus Joshua would not end, as far as Bob is concerned. Because this band is not about me, or Steve, or Jay, or even Bobby. It is about what God is trying to accomplish through us. I do believe that I belong here, and that I was selected to be here. But if I am to be shaped by the vision of God for this band, then I must put aside all that my flesh would desire for the vision. Do I desire fame? Do I desire recording contracts? Do I desire wealth? Do I desire the accolades of my peers? Perhaps in some fashion, I would have to say yes. But those may very well not be what God has in mind for this vision. Am I willing to sacrifice those ideals for His agenda? Am I willing to be shaped into by the vision, or do I want the vision to be shaped by me?

Chambers writes that most of us turn back because of the valley, where the vision becomes a harsh reality. We get all excited when God shows us the beautiful vineyard full of ripe grapes, but, Boy, do we get real discouraged when we have to put our hands to the plow.

"C'mon Dave, Gimme a break!"

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